Who we are

Who we are

Revolution Industrial Group (RIG) is a Turn-Key Refractory Contractor that has expertise in all facets of Refractory construction and maintenance services in many industries.

Our Promise

RIG promises to take the time when partnering with you to understand the frustrations and problems you have encountered in the past, and then provide a targeted approach that improves and eliminates the issues.   Have you ever found yourself managing multiple contractors during an outage or project, and end up becoming frustrated because you spend critical time chasing multiple individuals for critical data?  We can help!  We self-perform all our refractory work so you get consistent results! We promise to work our hardest to meet and exceed your expectations.

Core Values

As a company, this is our DNA!

Safety First

This is a guiding principle behind everything we do.  Find unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions.  Report unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions to your co-workers and managers.  Act upon unsafe behaviors and hazards quickly and correctly.  Protect by learning how to avoid unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions.

Work Hard

Be present, passionate, and fully engaged.  Make the most of each day by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose and enthusiasm.  Our passion provides the electricity that makes RIG exciting.

Act as a team player

Be there for each other and be willing to step into another role or help a coworker when that’s what’s required for success.  There’s no such thing as one person or one shift succeeding and another falling short.  Consider how your actions impact your teammates.  We win and lose as a team.

Do the right thing

Honor commitments.  There’s no better way to earn people’s trust then to be true to your word.  Do the right thing, when nobody’s looking.  This includes being on time for all projects, installing and completing a project without taking shortcuts and most importantly letting your actions speak.

Treat Everyone with Respect

Each of us have a job. Although our roles are different at times, we all have the same goal. Support, help and build each other up.